HKJUG April 2015 Meeting: Thinking Functional In Java SE 8 With The Streams API


This event is organised in association with Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The big new language feature in Java SE 8 is the inclusion of Lambda expressions, which provides a simple way to parameterise behaviour as well as values.  The power of Lambda expressions becomes clear when used with the Streams API, an abstraction for specifying aggregate computations.

For Java developers, who are used to an imperative style of programming using explicit loops and mutable state, using Lambdas and Streams requires a different way of thinking.  This session will start with a look at the key points of both Lambda expressions and the Stream API.  We'll then move on to real world examples of how to use Streams effectively and some of the traps to avoid when you try to apply familiar techniques to a functional style of programming.
Speaker Biography

Simon Ritter manages the Java Technology Evangelist team at Oracle Corporation. Simon has been in the IT business since 1984 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Brunel University in the U.K. 

Originally working in the area of UNIX development for AT&T UNIX System Labs and then Novell, Simon moved to Sun in 1996. At this time he started working with Java technology and has spent time working both in Java development and consultancy. Having moved to Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition he now focuses on the core Java platform, Java for client applications and embedded Java.  He also continues to develop demonstrations that push the boundaries of Java for applications like gestural interfaces, embedded robot controllers and in-car systems.

Follow him on Twitter, @speakjava, and his blog at


Room M109, Floor 1, Core M, Li Ka Shing Tower
Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Map)

Thursday 2nd April 2015, From: 19.30 - 21:00
We will arrive at 19.30 for a general chit chat and catch up. Talk will starts at 20.00.
Room M109, Floor 1, Core M / Li Ka Shing Tower, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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